Green Tea Fat Burner

How does green tea burn belly fat?

Many people unlike ever before are struggling with weight and weight loss issues today. This is majorly contributed by the changing life styles and the processed foods.

The society has also put women under a lot of pressure to cut down because of the petite body sizes portrayed by models and other trend setters as ideal.

What is important though, is maintaining a healthy body weight.

With all the life style diseases that are seen in the world, being overweight is very risky. Truth is, excess fat is bad for your health.

Obesity and visceral fat like belly fat, will increase your chances of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problems and other diseases.

It also causes a lot of people, especially women to lose their self confidence and develop low self esteem issues because of societal perceptions.

However fat burning is also very important for body building.

Although it has been used by humankind for centuries, green tea has recently become one of the main ingredients of many diets and weight loss programs around the world.

Many studies have been carried out that have proven that green tea increases fat burning and helps you lose weight.

So the question remains; how does green tea fat burner element occur?

It contains fat burning substances.

Green tea contains many antioxidants and substances that are beneficial to one’s health. The commonly known of these substances is caffeine.

This stimulant has been proven to help in burning fat and improving exercise performance in many studies.

However, what really makes green tea effective is that it contains antioxidants called catechins, the most important one being Epigallocatechin (EGCG ).

This is a substance highly found in green tea that has been proven to boost metabolism. These substances are absorbed in the body both as a beverage and when taking it as a supplement.

It mobilizes fat from fat cells

Green tea also contains active compounds that helps to break down the fat cells and moved into the bloodstream.

EGCG which is the main antioxidant contained in green tea helps to inhibit an enzyme that breaks down a hormone called norepinephrine.

This hormone in larger quantities signals the fat cells to break down fat in the body.

More of this hormone results in more fat being broken down which then released into the bloodstream.

They can then be used as energy cells in the body.

It increases fat burning during exercise

It has been proven that taking green tea beverage or supplements significantly increases fat burning.

While it has been established to help in burning fat, it has also been proven that it is even more effective if taken when exercising. In this way, one is able to lose weight in the long run.

Combining with other supplements

Many people combine green tea extracts with other supportive components like Yohimbe to get all the benefits possible and to improve the overall fat burning thus increasing your thermogenic receptors.

This is a component that blocks the alpha cell receptors on the fat cell. These receptors would otherwise slow down the fat burning process.

These are enough reasons to go all green and make that cup of tea your friend.

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