Does Green Tea Make you poop

Green tea: Cleanses your colon and boosts metabolism

Despite of acknowledging the many benefits of drinking green tea sometime a few queries just pop up in our mind- Like coffee does green tea make you poop? Is it a laxative?

Before telling about green tea and its effect on bowl system lets see what laxatives are. Laxatives are those drugs, foods or chemical components that stimulate bowl movement and soften the stool.

While caffeinated coffee is considered as a laxative, green tea doesn’t have the laxative quality. Green tea contains significantly less amount of caffeine than coffee, only14-60 milligrams of caffeine per cup.

According to doctors, if green tea is drunk in moderate quantity, 2-4 cups a day, it doesn’t stimulate bowl movement.

But if you are a new drinker or a pregnant woman limit the consumption of green tea in 1-2 cups daily to allow the body to adjust with it.

In some extreme cases green tea can cause irritable bowel syndrome, only if it is taken in huge quantity.

If you are drinking green tea in a moderate quantity, you don’t have to worry about getting the jitters.  Unless you drink a ton of it for example more than 8 cups a day.

It is also said by the doctors that more than a laxative green tea is a diuretic, meaning that it might cause more urination than usual.

In order to cope up with this more urination, you should drink lot of water unless it may cause dehydration sometimes.

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Green tea and colon health:

Green tea improves our colon health. When it comes to colon health, the formation of Mucoid plaques in gastrointestinal tract is the main problem.

With time the coating or layering of mucus gets hardened and cause various ailments including irregular digestion, skin disorder and weak immune system.

The antioxidants of green tea help to flush out the mucoid plaques and toxins from colon. As colon is the last halt where body makes it wastes, we have to keep it healthy.


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Does green tea make you poop?

The answer would be yes but not in every cases.

As the components of green tea cleanses your colon and gastrointestinal tract, a lot of waste may accumulate in your body, thereby you might find that you need to go to the latrine a little more often.

If you feel the jitters in your stomach, don’t worry, it’s just the toxins and wastes leaving your body. You will be fine when your colon system is totally cleansed.

The anti oxidants and compound called catechins in green tea assist in liver and kidney function also.

Boosts metabolism and burns fat:

Green tea has catechins in abundance, which boosts our metabolism and help in burning calorie.

Researchers have proved that people who drink green tea regularly end up in burning an extra 70-100 calories per day due to the antioxidants.

A study found that men who consumed green tea daily lost nearly twice of weight in comparison to other who didn’t drink green tea.

Green tea has thermogenic components and helps in fat burning. The catechin, polyphenols found in green tea helps to enhance the levels of fat burning and thermogenesis, the rate at which body burns calories.

That means you could see some positive changes in your overall health and wealth without going on a crash diet or hitting the gym.

Remove toxins and free radicals:

Green tea contains a large amount of several antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols which eliminates the harmful free radicals from our body.

Experts have proved that these free radicals can cause several chronic diseases to our body including cancer, Alzheimers and heart problems.

The antioxidants of green tea have the potential to prevent Parkinson’s Disease even.

Another component of green tea called, EGCG, ensures better liver and kidneys function.

Other few benefits of green tea:

Drinking green everyday not only improves bowl system, and metabolism, it also has other significant advantages.

Delays ageing and prevents wrinkles Reduces blood sugar and curbs the risk of heart attack Controls high blood pressure EGCG in green tea can help relieve pain.

It boosts immunity and keeps us healthy Reduces stress and makes us energetic

Though the benefit of green tea is manifold, in some cases you have to be a little cautious.

For some people who are stimulant sensitive or have heart problem or high blood pressure may face some trouble because of the caffeine of green tea.

You can try green tea extract as most of the green tea extract contains decaffeinated green tea.

No matter whether green tea is giving you the jitters in stomach or causing more urination, remember it just a process of removing the harmful wastes from our body.

If again the question-does green tea make you poop?- arrives in your mind don’t bother so much.

Remember, for a healthy body and strong immunity start having a cup of green tea every day.

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