The innumerable benefits of green tea and its demerits

green tea benefits
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Many are the stories told about green tea benefits. Indeed green tea has proven to be an amazing performer; enough to impress any die-hard medical practitioners.

The best thing about green tea is that it can be used to treat a whole lot of problems and this is why it is so popular. Green tea is native to India and China.

These are among the first places to use the tea and it has been so for ages now. It has stood the test of time and you have the chance to use it as it is picking up speed all over the world including the US.

It is called green tea because it is green in color. Green tea is a product of un-oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush.

It is ranks among the least processed types of tea with white tea taking the crown. The main benefit of green tea lies within the innumerable antioxidants that it contains as well as the beneficial polyphenols.

One of the uses of this tea is to assist in digestion. People who are having issues with their digestive system can always trust green tea to help reduce the effects of the problem.

You do not have to pay a fortune buying a host of medications to treat indigestion and other digestive tract problems. Green tea can help to solve the problem.

Initially, it was used to control bleeding and to heal wounds. It was also used to regulate body temperature while improving the state of the heart.

This was in traditional Chinese and Indian practice of medicine. Recent studies however have gone ahead to prove that green tea has an effect in weight loss as well as treatment of type II diabetes.

Are there are any cons?

With all these benefits mentioned above, you might be wondering is green tea bad for you in any way?

Well, everything on this planet has its limitations. Green tea is no exception to this rule of nature. It may have thousands of benefits but then there is that one stray demerit that does not allow everyone to use it.

For starters if you are one of those people who are bound to suffer from increasing stomach acid, you should refrain from this tea.

This is not a problem of green tea only; all sorts of tea are bound to affect people with stomach acid issues.

The acid level might increase dramatically if you consume too much of this tea. A cup of green tea daily might not have as pronounced an effect as three cups daily.

Take tea and lose weight

Green tea has been shown to have an effect in weight loss.

People who want to shed off the extra weight can trust green tea to help them do this. It is not that the tea will drag the unwanted fat out of your body or anything of the sort but it is a great alternative to the likes of sodas and all.

Substitute one or two cups of this tea for your soda and you will be able to spare yourself some 50,000 calories in a year.

This allows you plenty of time to exercise and shed of what you already have instead of losing and gaining at the same time.

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