Organic Japanese Green Tea

organic japanese green tea
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Organic Japanese green tea earned its popularity because of the taste and the myriad of benefits it offers.

However, these kinds of tea don’t just become this delightful and beneficial overnight.

Like other highly reputable products on the market, they also have to go through a series of steps and processes before they become high-quality products.

This post will explain how organic Japanese green tea became such a wonderful thing to drink.

For tea to be classified as organic, it has to pass certain strict requirements.

Below are the requirements that an organic farmer should follow to create matcha or organic Japanese green tea.

  • Some of the requirements include that no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used for at least three years.
  • The farms that grow organic tea are only allowed to use fertilizers that are natural and contain no genetic modifications
  • Organic tea should be processed and packaged on production lines that are used only for organic tea.

Certain documentation is needed in the creation of organic tea.

The documentation looks at the processing, growing and also the packaging of organic tea.

All of these documents are then examined on a regular basis to ensure that all the requirements are being met during the creation of the tea.

If the above requirements are not met, then the value of the green tea will be reduced significantly and it will be considered conventional tea.

Even though this kind of tea brings about many benefits, only a few tea farms grow and produce it.  Below are the reasons for that:

  • It is very difficult to produce organic Japanese green tea so only about less than one percent of the tea farms grow and produce it.
  • There are only a few places good enough to grow and produce it.
  • To top it off, there are a lot of cheap non-organic brands which many people prefer over the organic ones for their cost-effectiveness.
  • The organic green tea industry finds it hard to compete with the cheaper brands.

Organic Japanese green tea has been consumed by the Japanese people for hundreds of years.

It is no secret that the Japanese people reap many health benefits from this amazing drink.

The production of the tea is very important and there are some factors to consider when producing this tea.

One might say that the method of production is crucial in creating delicious tea.

There are basically four factors that affect theproduction of organic green tea.

  • Time and effort
  • Temperature
  • Soil

The flavor of organic tea is influenced by the efforts that are put into the growing process.

A dedicated effort from the organic farmers, the soil and the climate that the tea is grown in all play a huge role in the development of green tea.

Once all of these natural and organic conditions are met by the growers then the green tea’s richness and flavor can be fully realized.

Organic Japanese green tea production is not easy.

What you read in this post is just an inkling of what you will face if you decide to have your own tea farm.

Just joking, this post hopefully helped you appreciate the hard work and the deliciousness that organic tea has in it.

Have a great day and drink every last drop, to your health and to fine living.


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